The world behind our products

We believe in the beauty of natural materials: (petrified) wood, bamboo, rattan, marble and precious metals. Materials, that last for generations. They inspire us to come up with all the desired accents and lighting in all of our projects.


We produce all the products in our interior designs by ourselves. This allows us to meet up to any expectation. Tailor-made solutions, developed in close collaboration with our designers and craftsmen. We provide suitable products, fit for every budget. Products that live up to the expectations of both our designers and the end users.

A perfect collaboration with our Asian craftsmen certainly contributes to the secret of our success.

Henk, Creative Director

We believe in the beauty of solid wood

Uun, General manager Indonesië


Although our designers are the engineers behind our models, colours and designs, it’s the art of our craftsmen that take things further. Their passion and skills really make the difference. And that shows and feels. Their traditional way of working guarantees a unique sense of finish and refinement. Resulting in the fact that no table, chair or closet is exactly the same.

Traditional production techniques

What makes OT design truly special? The fact, that we control our design process from beginning till end. Defined from scratch to realization. Our team of experienced designers, genuine craftsmen and traditional production techniques guarantee a portfolio of innovative designs, attractive products, special materials and beautiful colour combinations.


OT design cares about nature. That’s why we produce our tailor-made products mainly of (used) teak. This massive and beautiful wood comes from old buildings and disused bridges and railroads in Indonesia. We like to give it a second life. By combining it with other (waste) wood and to refurbish it into refined, innovative and unique furniture. If desired, we can also give it a third life. Simply by transforming ‘old’ furniture into new. Sustainability is in our hearts. That’s the reason why we like to work with used, natural materials and fast growing grasses. Fast growing grasses and woods like albizia, bamboo and acacia.
By the way: our SLVK-R certificate guarantees that all our wood is legally obtained from Indonesia and hence imported legally.

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