Your story

Nobody knows a company better than their founders, the people who work there and the guests who visit. This is where the story begins. By listening carefully to their wishes, ideas, possibilities and also impossibilities, the basis of the first design is created.

The design phase

In our own design studios in both the Netherlands and in Asia, we will develop a initial interior concept based on your ideas. By using 3D renderings, we can immediately give you a visual preview of the final result. You can also use these renderings for marketing purposes to attract and convince your customers

Assigned contacts

In order to communicate efficiently and to keep lines as short as possible, we work in fixed project teams. This way you always know who to turn to for a specific question.

The production phase

When the design phase is completed, we can start production of the furniture, accessories and lighting. We have production locations all over the world: in Indonesia, China, Europe and also in the Netherlands. This way we can, depending on the wishes of the customer, make a choice where the products are made. Working with own furniture makers has many advantages. We can switch quickly, can easily make adjustments if desired and we can monitor the quality of our products

The delivery phase

According to tight time schedules and in good consultation, we will deliver the products from our warehouses around the world to the project location with permanent in-house and assembly teams if desired.
The project leader and designers will ensure that everything is carried out according to carefully detailed in-house plans. After this, the official finalization will take place and we will continue our service and aftercare from our offices in Asia or Europe.