Brasserie Sandz

Brasserie Sandz is situated in the main building of Landal Greenparks Ooghduyne in the Dutch village Julianadorp. Lying close to the sea, we decided to give the brasserie the atmosphere of a cosy, informal beach club.

We used al lot of beautiful, pure materials such as rope for the chairs, bamboo for the lamps and wood for the ‘weathered’ Louvre doors, attached to the wall.

Anne Cruiming

The interior

Besides the brasserie, the main building of Landal Ooghduyne houses a bowling alley, a swimming pool, a small shop and a large playground for children on the first floor. The brasserie is both visited by guests of the park and guests from the surrounding area. That’s why we decided to give it the atmosphere of an attractive beach club.

In close collaboration with OT design we’ve reached an optimal result in quality and hospitality: one of mutual satisfaction. My knowledge of hospitality, the housing of guests and the market, and OT design’s speciality in trends, products and design resulted in a most fruitful cooperation.

Mr. A. Peulen, Parkmanager Landal Ooghduyne

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